What is the Mézières Method?

It is a revolutionary olistic method named after the physiotherapist Françoise Mézières, passed away in 1991.

As early as 1947 she realized through careful observation that the back muscles were too short and strong and that they acted as a single muscle, thus forming a sort of chain. A chain is a set of muscles which are joined together like the shingles of a roof, where the move of a single element shortens the whole chain. Their permanent tension can cause dysmorphisms and pain in several areas of hte body.

The aim of this method is based on stretsching and softening the chains.

Mézières reeducation consists in treating all the elements which are involved in the postural unbalance, in terms of osteomuscular structure that affects and determines its function.

If the structure is unbalanced, the function as well will be disturbed.

With a smart work on your body you can have a postural change (working on the muscular balance of the different chains), keeping in mind that the cause is never to be searched in the painful area. Mézières postural reeducation has to be undertake very patiently, as to found the posture to counterbalance the hyper/hipo mobility, thus solving the problem.

Doctor Licci’s office has over 25 years experience in Mézières method.

We treat the following pathologies with Mezièrès reeducation:

  • Arthrosis
  • Slipped disc
  • Scoliosis
  • Attitude, postural unbalance


  • Not consolidated fractures
  • Infective pathologies
  • Ascertained cancer

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