Laura Licci

About Laura Licci

Osteopath and Physioterapist

Doctor Laura Licci is  Osteopath D.O. and graduatedPhysiotherapist, she has over 30 years experience in medical practice with both Italian and stranger patients. She works in Rome, in the Prati neighborhood.

As a result of her experience and her deep knowledge of both Osteopathy and Physiothetapy techniques she has been developing a treatment programme aimed at the different kinds of vertebral injuries.

Doctor Laura Licci is certified in osteopathy, rehabilitative physioterapypostural reeducation following  Meziéres method and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Periodically she takes part to national and international conferences and is author and co-author of several publications particularly focusing on sport issues and vertebral column patologies. She also cooperates to the scientific activity of a research team on the mostadvanced osteopathic and rehabilitative tecniques, so contributing to the scientific development of the different branches of her activities.

She speaks fluent English and French and visits stranger patients as well.

Dr. Laura Licci supports the Rwanda Onlus Project. Progetto Rwanda Onlus

Doctor of Osteopathy E.O.P. since 2006
Doctorate in Physiotherapy since 1986
Specialized in Postural Rehabilitation Mézières Method

Member of:
A.I.F.I. (Italian Association of Physiotherapists)
R.O.I. (Italian Register of Osteopathy)

Speacks: Italian, English and French

Curriculum studies (carried out in public or private accredited structures):

  • 2018-2014 – Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine in the osteopathic field
  • 2018 – IASTM Carbon Course for fascial and muscular pathologies
  • 2017 – Health care in Africa at the Rwanda project
  • 2017-2016 – Course of herbal medicine applied to osteopathy
  • 2017-2014 – Training course on acupuntur’s chinese traditional medicine
  • 2013 – Course on “GDS methods”
  • 2012-2011 – Training course “Visceral Manipulation and correlations with the fascial system”
  • 2011 – Course of “Cranial nerves Manipulation”
  • 2010 – Course of “Visceral Manipulation”
  • 2010 – Course of “Atypical swallowing and mandibular treatment”
  • 2009 – Course “Somato-emotional”
  • 2009 – Professor at School of Physiotherapy, CTO Hospital
  • 2008 – Course “Kinesiotape”
  • 2007-2006 – Collaboration as a lecturer at the School of Osteopathy EOP, Rome
  • 2007-2006 – Collaboration as a lecturer at the school of physiotherapy C.T.O. – Rome
  • 2007 – Course of “Embryology”
  • 2006 – Doctor of Osteopathy with a thesis entitled “Cervical manipulation and occlusion” directed by Alain Bernard and awarded by EOP – Rome
  • 2005-1990 – Collaboration with post-traumatic reconditioning of athletes at the National Olympic Committee – Rome
  • 2000-1990 – Professor at Hospital S. Giacomo
  • 1995 – Specialization of the method “Resseguir”
  • 1990 – Specialization of the method “Mc Kenzie” – Rome
  • 1988 – Specialization of the method of proprioceptive and postural osteopathy at CERTAG – Rome
  • 1987 – Traineeship at Rome Memorial Hospital – Rome-New York
  • 1987 – Specialization of the method “Mézières” presented by Francoise Mézières
  • 1986 – Degree in physiotherapy at the Universita ‘”La Sapienza” 2 nd Department of Neurology – Rome
  • 1989-today – Manages gentle exercise groups at U.N.I.S.P.E.D.



Chinese Medicine


  • Dr. Antonio Mastantuono – Orthopedic (Bambin Gesu Hospital-Rome)
  • Dr. Claudio Ascani – Orthopedic (C.T.O. Hospital-Rome)
  • Prof. Dario Perugia – Orthopedic and Traumatology Specialist (Clinic Villa Mafalda)
  • Dr. Piergiorgio Mura – Orthopedic (S.Giovanni Hospital-Rome)
  • Dr. G. Di Giacomo – Orthopedic (Clinic-Rome)
  • Dr. Gabriele Panegrossi – Orthopedic (S. Spirito Hospital-Rome)
  • Prof. Alberto Ferrantelli – Orthopedic (C.T.O. Hospital-Rome)


  • Dr. Jacopo Lenzi (Hosp. Umberto 1)


  • Dr. Marco Mastantuono – Radiology (University Umberto 1-Rome)
  • Dr. Fabrizio Lucherini – Musculoskeletal Imaging (Villa Margherita-Rome)
  • Prof. Roberto Floris (Paideia)
  • Dr. Roberto gloria (Paideia)


  • Prof. Francesco Stipa – Oncologo  (Osp. S. Giovanni)
  • Daria Licci – Counselor Gestalt
  • Dr. Michele Galifi – Dentist (Rome)
  • Dr. Carlo Romani – Dentist (Rome)
  • Dr. Armando Liccardi – Internist
  • Dr. Stefania Bellegrandi – Allergist
  • Prof. Vincenzo Coscia – Gynecologist (Clinic Villa Mafalda)
  • Prof. Francesco Stipa – Oncologist (S. Giovanni Hospital Rome)
  • Dr. Fausto Spagnoli – Endocrinologist (Rome)
  • Dr. Felice Marcoccia – Endocrinologist (Rome)
  • Dr. Bruno Ravieli – Dietician (Rome)
  • Dr. Guido Levi della Vida – ENT (San Filippo Hospital Rome)
  • Dr. Caterina Dianzani – Dermatologist (3 University Rome)
  • Dr. Daniela Lodi – Ophthalmologist (C.O.N.I Rome)
  • Alessandra Ceccaroni – Herbalist, Naturopath (Rome)
  • Prof. Massimo Di Ritiis – Athletics Trainer (Rome)
  • Dr. Nadia Ponzi – Physiotherapist (Rome)
  • Paola Cuneo – Shiatsu Therapist