The objective is to find the primary cause of the state of dysfunction of the patient, which may be distant to where the painful symptoms are perceived, thus allowing the body to regain its balance: a state of natural health. The therapeutic approach is natural and not invasive and is suitable for everyone, including the elderly and women during pregnancy.

Osteopathy is especially effective for acute, chronic and recurring aches and pains of the spine and peripheral joints (herniated discs, cervical and associated upperlimb pain,lower back pain, knee pain, dizziness, arthritis, etc.)

The healing capacity of the body is closely integrated with the nervous system, correct mechanical alignment of the various segments involved and working lung function. Thus attention to these areas may lead to immediate favorable results.

With osteopathic treatment one sees results on average in 3 to 5 sessions.

The human body suffers when one or more systems is dysfunctional.

During the first meeting, Dr. Laura Licci considers the data taken from the patient’s history (symptoms, type and behaviour, work, lifestyle etc.) and from the referring specialist (if applicable).  The patient brings to the first appointment any relevant clinical tests, Xrays, imagery etc. Together all the data assists the therapist in making an accurate diagnosis.

The therapist will then proceeds, as appropriate, identifying the specific cause, which is often far from the symptomatic area.

The tools and techniques used in this phase are:

  • a plumbline
  • Palpation to identify symptomatic areas and tissue / joint dysfunction
  • Kinesiology tests
  • Neurological examinations / tests of reflexes / heartbeat
  • Locating vertebral hyper / hypomobility
  • Analysis of locomotion / movement
  • Muscle tests
  • Eye-tests
  • Breech-tests
  • Stomatognathic tests
  • Visceral palpation / cranial attention
  • Wrists listening
  • Language study

Then an osteopathic examination is carried out of the spine and joints which involves looking at the whole person. The hand must be precise as it represents the means of communication between what the osteopath feels and knows. From all this, the therapist is able to draw a strategic plan and choose a suitable line of treatment.

Following the visit, after listening to the patient and having answered their questions fully, the therapist explains their strategy and proceeds directly to treatment, providing an estimate of the number of sessions needed to solve the patient’s problem.

With osteopathic treatment on average you already have a result in just 3-5 sessions.

Osteopathy is a health profession involved with detecting, preventing and treating diseases of the neuro-musculo-skeletal system and the effects that such disorders have on the static system and dynamic state of health in general (to read more about the history of osteopathy,click here).

Osteopathy addresses the whole person: musculo-skeletal, visceral and psychic. It is a holistic science and is not comparable to any other type of specialised approach.

How does the Osteopath?

Osteopathy explores the entire body through the hands with various manipulative techniques:

  • mobilisation
  • manual traction
  • gentle inhibition techniques of the visceral and cranial systems with fascial techniques
  • “joint corrections” (where possible)

All these techniques, integrated over many years, come together and are chosen at the appropriate moment for the individual, promoting the body’s innate capacity for self healing.

How to recognize Osteopath?

In Italy, to define osteopath, a physiotherapist must have attended an accredited school for 6 years, pass the ‘internal examination (CO) and present a thesis in front of an international commission (DO).

Laura Licci is a Doctor of Osteopathy holding a (DO) at E.O.P. (European Osteopathic Project) of Rome since 2006. She is officially a member of the R.O.I. (Italian Register of Osteopathy).

Osteopathy explores the human body, using hands only as a diagnostic and therapeutic instrument.

Main pathologies treated in Osteopathy

Spine and limb disorders in the acute, chronic and recurrent phase:

Musculoskeletal System:
polymyalgia, postural imbalances

Spine: herniated disc, low back pain, sciatica, piriformis syndrome, neck pain, thoracic pain, sacral pain, coccyx pain, structural scoliosis, functional scoliosis


Lower limbs: coxalgy, hip-osteoarthritis, knee pain, meniscectomy, groin pain, metatarsalgia, sprains

Upper limbs: tendinitis, shoulder impingement, retractable capsulitis, rotator cuff pathology, medial epicondylitis, lateral epicondylitis, carpal tunnel syndrome

TMJ: bruxism, jaw clicking, locking, migraine

Osteopathy can also treat any type of pain following a major trauma (from sports injury, road , etc,…).

  • Neurological System: sciatica, cruralgia, cervical brachialgia, neuropathology of the peripheral system, trigeminal neuralgia…
  • Gastro-intestinal System: respiratory distress, heartburn, hiatal hernia, digestive disorders, prolapse, spastic colitis, diarrhea, constipation
  • Autonomic Nervous System: stress, anxiety, irritability, sleep disturbance, migraines, headache..

We have also integrated our work on the prostate pathology.

Cronic neck and back pain

Due to a car accident I had 12 years ago, I have a cronic pain in my neck and back. It has been diagnost any kind of problem of my spine but I have cronic pain. The only type of relief I get is to have regular osteopathic manipulations or massage therapy every few weeks. Now, I’m seeing Dr. Licci since a month now and it has been quite helpful retraining my muscles to work more efficiently and properly. It has been hard work but I’ve seen much improvement in just a few times that I came.

Cronic neck and back pain (2nd part, after 3 months)

I’m a patient of Dr. Licci, I’ve been seing her since the last 3 months  for some chronic pain that I have in my back from many many years. I’ve seen ostheopath in the US and other countries and I can tell you that the work that Dr. Licci has done has been some of the best ostheopatic work that I have done in many years. Technics she has been using is providing longer term pain reliefe and just overall better health in general. I Thank her for the better quality of life of the last months.

How osteopathy see the patient 365 degrees

I suffered for many many years with pain I thought for a knee problem and I was very lucky to come across Dottoressa Licci who explain me that I had a problem in my feet. After the first treatment I felt fantastic and now after the second one I have no pain. I intent to continue the treatment because I think together we are going to beat it and I’m going to live without pain for the first time after 60 years!