We selected the following links that will show you webs, schools or associations about osteopathy, that may be of your interest.

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  • A.I.F.I. – Italian Association of Physiotherapists
  • R.O.I. – Italian Register of Osteopathy
  • EOP –  European Osteopathic Project – Rome, Italy
  • Ceeso – Centre Européen d’ Enseignement Supérieur de l’Ostéopathie, Paris and Lyon – France
  • Eso – European School of Osteopathy, Maidstone – UK
  • EOM – Escuela de Osteoaptía de Madrid – Spagna
  • FEOB – Fundación Escuela de Osteopatía de Barcelona – Spagna
  • AOA – American Osteopathic Associacion – USA
  • SaluteSchiena – the first italian portal about spine health
  • Tuttosteopatia – The Osteopathy web portal
  • Dr. Licci on Doctoralia – Online Doctor’s search engine