Usually 3-5 sessions are enough, spaced 5-7 days apart, to resolve the trouble. Following that, a few maintenance treatments every 3 months may be advised.

Each visit or treatment takes ‘about 30 to 45 minutes. The first osteopathic visit lasts about 60 minutes.

It is recommended to wear comfortable and tight clothes, as leggings or gym pants and a tank top for women and a tank top and shorts for men. You can also perform the treatment in underwear or in the same clothes worn, it’s more a matter of convenience of the patient.

We suggest to eat lightly a couple of hours before treatment.

Dr. Licci medical center is open all day from Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 6.30pm.

There is a pay car park in Via Visconti, really close to the study.

In case of need and availability a collaborator of Dr. Licci can go to your place and treat you only for rehabilitation sessions.

Dr. Licci always try to receive emergency as soon as possible, whenever possible during the same day in which the problem occurred, otherwise the next day.

Dr. Licci speaks fluent English and French, therefore she can receive without any kind of problem, foreigners who need some treatment during their stay in Rome.

Yes. An Osteopathic treatment is indicated for both children and adults, the elderly, athletes at all levels and women during pregnancy and sports people.

Also the acute disorders can be treated with osteopathy, thanks to its various methods.

Osteopathy is contraindicated for cancer patients and those suffering from infectious diseases.