Curiosità sull’Osteopatia: la storia

Osteopathy was born in the United States at the end of XIX century thanks to Doctor Andrew Still. Later on, it spread in the United Kingdom and in other European countries.

Dr. Still, who had a university degree in Medicine, in 1870 developed a medical philosophy which was different from the orthodox one. He developed manipulative treatment to therapeutic purposes, based on principles which were already well known by Hippocrate himself.

Osteopathy is a diagnostic and manual approach to joint mobility dysfunctions.

It emphasizes the unity and wholeness of the human body and the mutual relationship between structure and function.

Still recognized the muscle-skeletal system importance as a key element for health and through manipulation he understood a natural trend to self-healing. He paid specific attention to preventive medicine, healthy diet and keeping fit.

On May 1st 1892, in Kirksville, Still founded the American School of Osteopathy, bestowing the graduated students the title of Doctor of Osteopthy (D.O.).

Andrew Still died at 89, on December 12th, 1917.


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