Driver with lumbosciatalgia

This gentleman is a driver.
He arrived in the studio for a lumbosciatalgia, last chance before being operated.
Already from the first visit, the tests confirmed to me that sciatica suffering could be resolved with osteopathic work.
After 6 sessions he resumed training without problems.
I suggested simple maintenance exercises with a dietary focus. This case is also solved.

Low back pain

Low back pain. Changing the feeding and rhythms, the intestine can be affected by colitis or constipation, creating spasms in the lumbar region, as happened in this case. Osteopathy treatment targeted at the visceral system resolved the lumbar spasm in only 1 session.

Torticollis in acute phase

Thos girl came for a stiff neck in the acute phase.
Having treated her remotely (eyes / lumbar / intestine) allowed her to immediately find a new way to compensate and reduce pain in the cervical area.

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